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How Can I Easily Manage an XML Configuration File in .NET?

.NET makes reading and writing XML as easy as pie. Use a class template and you never have to deal with XML at all. Continue...

Developer Tips and Tutorials C# XML

The .NET Uri Class and the Cambia.UriExtensions Nuget Package

Cambia.UriExtensions is a Nuget package provides extension methods to the existing .NET Uri class which make extracting, modifying and building URIs and their parts easier than ever. An overarching goal of this project was to make worrying about delimiter characters a thing of the past. Build and modify your URIs using fluent Drop and Set methods. Continue...

Developer Cambia.UriExtensions Documentation Package URI

How to scrape or download a webpage using C#

A quick and dirty snippet for the basic approach to scraping the HTML content from a webpage programmatically. Continue...

Developer Tips and Tutorials C# Web

Using the HttpContext object

Learn how you can get access to the HttpContext object when you're not in the code-behind of an ASPX page? Continue...

Developer Tips and Tutorials ASP.NET C# Web

How Do I Suppress a Keystroke in a Browser Input Box Using Javascript?

Learn how to use javascript to suppress a keystroke in a browser input box. Continue...

Developer Tips and Tutorials Javascript HTML

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