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Photo Expedition in the Missouri River Bottoms with my Canon Rebel T3i

Orrick Bend Sunset. - 10 March 2012. Copyright © Steve Lautenschlager


Yesterday, I headed down to Lexington, MO to meet my brother at the small airport there in the Missouri River bottoms. Along the way I drove through Missouri City and the Cooley Lake Conservation area located between Missouri City and Orrick along MO 210 highway. Naturally, I brought along my camera for the journey. It turns out there were some very nice scenes waiting for me.

Canon T3i and Adobe Lightroom

I took all of these pictures with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i I bought a few months ago. It's the first digital SLR that I've owned.

For the last twenty years, before owning my new Canon, I used a fully manual Ricoh 35mm SLR film camera. So, given my history maybe it's not saying much, but I was blown away by the quality and ease of use of the new Canon. The only down side so far is all the options that I haven't fully learned how to use. For most situations the automatic modes or creative modes work very well. However, I'm still working on mastering the manual modes for when I want a little more control of the picture.

However, I also acquired a copy of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 for managing and adjusting photos. If you are at all serious about photography, then I believe Lightroom is a must have piece of software. There is a learning curve, but it's well worth it. It's the difference between average photos and great ones. Now that I'm comfortable with the software it only take a couple of minutes to get the look I want on any photograph.

Lightroom is not photo-manipulation software in the way Adobe Photo Shop is.

  • First, Lightroom is a sophisticated system for managing all your digital photos.
  • Second, it allows you to adjust your photos. Things like cropping, exposure, saturation, hue, etc. It also has a lot of effects you can add to photos. But it's not going to help you erase drunk uncle Larry from this years family Christmas photo. That's a job for Photo Shop.

All of the above photos were taking with my T3i and adjusted with Lightroom.

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