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Visual Studio 2007 Preview!

"The top customer issue they want to address is the performance issues of the IDE itself. Many .NET developers have complained that Visual Studio has been getting increasing slower from version to version. Both the VS 2003-style Web Application projects and the VS 2005-style Web Site projects will be fully supported going forward."

InfoQ: http://www.infoq.com/news/2007/02/VS-2007-Preview


Wow. And just when I was getting used to Visual Studio 2005. Yup. The next version of Visual Studio, the "Orcas" release, can be previewed now.

A few nice things: Microsoft is focusing on the performance of the IDE itself. I actually thought the performance of the 2005 IDE showed a vast improvement over 2003. However, I hope they have been focusing on the performance of the SQL Server management interfaces! SQL Server Management Studio Express left much to be desired even beyond the surreptitious callbacks to Microsoft's servers which can cause some very annoying delays of 20-50 seconds performing basic actions. I've seen numerous comments from database gurus saying things like "You're better off doing everything with queries anyway." Yeah, not that helpful, but that's what happens when the tools become obstacles to your job. The management interface needs a speed overhaul. I look forward to seeing what's around the corner.

Also, the line between ASP.NET and Javascript is blurring as Visual Studio will include much more integrated support for Javascript.

You can check out extended videos on various aspects of the new Visual Studio at http://www.microsoft.com/emea/msdnshowtime/sessionh.aspx?videoid=318


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